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Product design service

Product design and development Experience in R D to Wellborns accumulated over the years and many fields of technology for product design and development of customer service ...

Experience in multi field

Wellborns in pursuit of innovation, for cross technology also has considerable accumulation, perennial in analog electronics, MCU, embedded system, database, HTML, JavaScript, c# technology in the field of research and development....

Quality pro. distribution

Wei bongkok developed independently or with partners to jointly develop a variety of high quality products, with distribution partners and market share, and jointly create a broad value in the market...

Joint proj. develop.

Work with partners to develop product rights and interests in a joint project development approach....


Shenzhen Wellborns Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Founded in 2014, determined to create a new industry, work in the broad field of technology, irrigation in the modern market economy, so that the fruits of rich science and technology feedback to society. ......

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